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Betty Sheffield Supreme
C. japonica 'Betty Sheffield Supreme'

Wiregrass Camellia Society was founded in April of 2013. It was the outgrowth of a meeting of people in Brooks, Colquitt, and Thomas Counties in Georgia as well as Madison County in Florida. The group at the initial meeting decided to meet on a monthly basis from September through May each year to educate the members about and enjoy the genus Camellia. Our motto is ‘it’s all about camellias’. Members gather monthly to learn about the culture, history, and vagaries of the camellia that we all love. The group meets at the Brooks County Museum and Cultural Center's Camellia Room to enjoy social time, an educational program and business meeting followed by a great pot-luck dinner.

Since inception the group has helped the Brooks County Garden Club with their outstanding Camellia Show (we all believe that it is the best in the region). We sponsored and intend to continue to sponsor the annual Thomasville Camellia Show. This year’s addition is the sponsorship of a fall show in November in Boston, Ga., home of the world famous Boston ½-Marathon.

The wiregrass region of Georgia is blessed with rich soil, mild winters, plentiful rainfall, and great growers. Love camellias? Enjoy camellia people? Wish to know more about the fabulous Camellia? Come join us!

Contact us at; 2015quitmancamellias3000@gmail.com

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Wiregrass Camellia Society Show Results - Fall 2017

Sporting_Class-2757 Boston Baptist Church - Boston, Georgia
Results from November 4, 2017

Wiregrass Camellia Society Show Results - 2018

Sporting_Class-2757 Trintity Anglican Church - Thomasville, Georgia
Results from February 10, 2018

Officers-Board Members-Past Presidents

Position Name Email
President Sandra Jones sandrajones@windstream.net
Vice-President Jerry Selph 2015quitmancamellia3000@gmail.com
Secretary Patti Niewoehner  
Treasurer Terry Terlep  
Social and Membership Marilyn Terlip and Susan Bodine  
Board Members Harley and
Susan Bodine
Board Member Susannah Borg  
Board Member Andrea DeSantiago  
Board Member Bob Gaines  
Board Members Sandra and
Fred Jones
Board Member Myra Jordan  
Board Member Patti Niewoehner  
Board Members Carol and
Jerry Selph
Board Member Nancibeth Shealy nursenbs@windstream.net
Board Members Terry and
Marilyn Terlep
Board Member Susan Yonge jthomers@valdosta.edu
Past President
Carol Selph 2015quitmancamellia3000@gmail.com
Past President
Nancibeth Shealy nursenbs@windstream.net
Past President
Sandra Jones sandrajones@windstream.net

Schedule of Events - 2018-2019

Date Event Time Location
Saturday, November 3-4, 2018 Fall Camellia Show Noon Boston Baptist Church
143 South Main Street
Boston, Georgia
Saturday, February 2, 2019 Annual Camellia Show Noon Trintity Anglican Church - Thomasville, Georgia

Wirergrass Camellia Society - Show Archives

Meredith Green-2727 Archive Show Results
Results back to 2009