Atlantic Coast Camellia Society

Margaret Davis
C. japonica 'Margaret Davis'


Kute_Kate-2724 Some Why's and Wherefore's of Watering
How to water your precious camellias
Pops_Perfection-2755 Camellias and pH
How to achieve the optimal pH for your camellias
Meredith_Green-2727 Planting Camellias
How to plant your new camellia
Sporting_Class-2757 Disbudding & Gibbing
A video on disbudding and gibbing by Mark Crawford
Lori_Clevenger-2754 Monthly Care of Your Camellias
When and what to feed you camellias
Kute_Kate-2724 Fertilizing Camellias
What and when to feed your plants
Pops_Perfection-2755 Watering & Mulching Camellias
Technique for mulching your plants
Meredith_Green-2727 Pruning Camellias
It's not as difficult as you think
Sporting_Class-2757 Camellia Bud Mites
Why do I get all tose beautiful buds and no blooms?