Gulf Coast Camellia Society

Show Results Covington, LA- January 5, 2019

Grand Marshal Var.
C. japonica 'Grand Marshal Variegated'
Northshore Camellia Club
January 5, 2019
Southern Hotel
428 East Boston Street
Covington, Louisiana

Show Chairman - Hunter Charbonnet
1187 Blooms Exhibited
238 Attendees
76 Exhibitors


Gold Certificate (unprotected): 66 Blue Ribbons, John & Stephanie Grimm
Silver Certificate (unprotected): 62 Blue Ribbons, Tommy Weeks

Gold Certificate (protected): 31 Blue Ribbons, Jim Smelley
Silver Certificate (protected): 26 Blue Ribbons, Skip Vogelsang


C. japonica unprotected:
VLg: 'Jay Ellis', Tommy Weeks
RU: 'Paul Haskee Var.', Hunter Charbonnet
Lg: 'Henry E. Huntington', Tommy Weeks
RU: 'Vernon E. Howell', Tommy Weeks
Md: 'Lady Laura', Roger Vinson
RU: 'Black Magic', Hunter Charbonnet
Sm: 'Black Gold Var.', Al & Vickie Baugh
RU: 'Buddy Var.', Tommy Weeks
Mn: 'Baby Sargent', Tommy Weeks
RU: 'Emil's Jane', Tommy Weeks

C. japonica protected:
VLg: 'Mathotiana Supreme', Jim Smelley
RU: 'Kyle Var.', Roger Vinson
Lg: 'Charlotte Blount Var.', Jim Smelley
RU: 'Julius Nuccio', Skip Vogelsang
Md: 'Black Magic', Skip Vogelsang
RU: 'Grand Marshal', Jim Smelley
Sm: 'Les Marbury', Skip Vogelsang
RU: 'Black Gold Var.', Skip Vogelsang
Mn: 'Shikibu', Skip Vogelsang
RU: 'Sue Kendall', Skip Vogelsang

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) unprotected:
VLg: 'Pete Galli', Hunter Charbonnet
RU: 'Anne Hightower', Hunter Charbonnet
Lg or Smaller: 'Black Lace Peony', Roger Vinson
RU: 'Valentine Day', Roger Vinson

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) protected:
VLg: 'Frank Houser Var.', Skip Vogelsang
RU: 'Ray Gentry', Skip Vogelsang
Lg or Smaller: 'Valentine Day', Jim Smelley
RU: 'Hulyn Smith', Skip Vogelsang

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) protected:
BB: 'Dancing Blaze', Roger Vinson
RU: 'Night Rider', Victoria Allen

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) unprotected:
BB: 'Lucky Star', Skip Vogelsang
RU: 'Phil Piet', Skip Vogelsang

Best White Bloom unprotected: 'Charlie Bettes', Roger Vinson

Best White Bloom protected: No Entry,


Best Tray of Three japonica - same or different varieties unprotected: 'Joy Kendrick', Tommy Weeks

Best Tray of Three reticulata//hybrid/other species - same or different varieties unprotected: 'Butterfly Spring', 'Adrienne Boueres', 'Nanshan Purple Jade', Hunter Charbonnet

Best Tray of Three japonica - same or different varieties protected: 'Mrs. D. W. Davis Descanso', Jim Smelley

Best Tray of Three reticulata/hybrid/other species - same or different varieties protected: No Entry,


1 'Tama Peacock', Michael Ruth
2 'Mary Edna Curlee', Tommy Weeks
3 'Mary O'Donnell', Richard & Bette Hooton
4 'Ray Gentry', Hunter Charbonnet
5 'Phil Piet', Roger Vinson

1 'Lauren Tudor Pink', Jim Smelley
2 'Magic City', Jim Smelley
3 'Ellen Daniel Red Var.', Jim Smelley
4 'Mary O'Donnell', Roger Vinson
5 'Mary Fischer', Jim Smelley


Species (sasanqua, hiemalis, etc.):
BB: 'Kelsey Beasley', Sabrina Audibert
RU: 'Mine-no-yuki', Sabrina Audibert

Best Species: C. vietnamensis, Roger Vinson

Best japonica seedling: : Seedling, Skip Vogelsang

Best reticulata or hybrid seedling: No Entry

Best Sport/Mutant Bloom: Sport of 'Herbert Earl Gatch', Hunter Charbonnet


Best Red - any species: 'Grand Marshal', Cindy & Blake Schexnaider
Best Pink - any species: 'Lauren Tudor Pink', Adeline Brown
Best White - any species: Unknown, Pam Head
Best Stripped - any species: Unknown, Nancy Crawford


Best Antique Bloom (Pre 1900) 'Magnoliaeflora', Tommy Weeks