Atlantic Coast Camellia Society

Gulf Coast Region

Tama Beauty
C. japonica 'Tama Beauty'

Scoring Algorithm

1st Place Sweepstakes - 10 Points
2nd Place Sweepstakes - 5 Points

Best Bloom in Show - 10 Points
Runner-Up Best Bloom in Show - 5 Points

Major Categories & Trays

Best Bloom - 5 Points
Runner-Up or Court of Honor (if only two prizes are awarded) - 3 Points
Court of Honor - 1 Point

The following scores have been compiled from the ACS Cooperative Shows
in the GCCS Region for the 2017 - 2018 season.

11 GCCS Cooperative Shows & 22 ACCS Cooperative Shows

Current through End of Season

Leading Camellia Exhibitors by Individual Point Count

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Gulf Coast Region - Outside Growers

Rank Exhibitor Points
1Roger Vinson243
2Hunter Charbonnet154
3Tommy Weeks145
4Richard & Bette Hooton110
5John Grimm109
6Skip Vogelsang73
7William & Linda Nichols65
8Al & Vickie Baugh55
9John Davy36
10Richard Eidem27
11Paul Huerkamp21
11Gordon Rabalais21
13Don & Jenny Marcotte19
14Eva Hoover18
15Jim Campbell16
15Webb Hart16
15Eddie Martin16
18Dudley Boudreaux10
18Bill & Carolyn Moon10
20Steve Manis9
21Sabrina Audibert5
21Laura Barnard5
21Tim Brown5
21Bill & Vera Curry5
21Vaughn Drinkard5
21Joe Holmes5
21Arthur Hoover5
21George Huddle5
21Forrest Latta5
21Candy & Blake Schexnayder5
21Robert Taylor5
21Roger Taylor5
33Paul Bruno3
33Jim Covington3
33Michael Hollis3
33Bill McCarnnor3
33Carl Moran3
33Delores Rodriguez3
33George Shackleford3
33Nicole Tyler3
41Ronald Driskell1

Gulf Coast Region - Greenhouse Growers

Rank Exhibitor Points
1Hal Vanis197
2Jim Smelley153
3Edward Estrada15
4Walter & Alice Creighton8