Atlantic Coast Camellia Society

Show Results Columbia, SC - February 11, 2017

Linda Carol
C. reticulata 'Linda Carol'

Mid-Carolina Camellia Society
February 11, 2017
South Carolina State Farmers Market
Phillips Market Center
3483 Charleston Highway
West Columbia, SC

Show Chairman - John Maker
1220 Blooms Exhibited
~100 Attendees
31 Exhibitors


Gold Certificate (unprotected): 28 Blue Ribbons, Bob & Jean Williams
Silver Certificate (unprotected): 27 Blue Ribbons, Geary & Bonnie Serpas

Gold Certificate (protected): 47 Blue Ribbons, Buck & Tyler Mizzell
Silver Certificate (protected): 21 Blue Ribbons, Richard Mims


C. japonica unprotected:
Lg/VLg: 'Al Ewan', Geary & Bonnie Serpas
RU: 'Royal Velvet Var.', Marty & Diane Clark
Md: 'Miss Charleston Var.', Geary & Bonnie Serpas
RU: 'Black Magic', Miles & Brenda Beach
Sm: 'Kuro-tsubaki', Paul & Corinthia Greenway
RU: 'Purple Swirl', Paul & Corinthia Greenway

C. japonica protected:
Lg/VLg: 'Dusty', Richard Mims
RU: 'Pirate's Gold', Buck & Tyler Mizzell
Md: 'Lady Laura', Mack & Ann McKinnon
RU: 'Black Magic', Mack & Ann McKinnon
Sm: 'Grace Albritton', Mack & Ann McKinnon
RU: 'Chris Bergamini', Richard Mims

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) unprotected:
VLg: 'Frank Houser Var.', Ed & Lou Powers
RU: 'Frank Houser', Mike Denson
Sm/Lg: 'Terrell Weaver Var.', Miles & Brenda Beach
RU: 'Heartwood Bolero', Paul & Corinthia Greenway

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) protected:
VLg: 'Elaine', Buck & Tyler Mizzell
RU: 'Frank Houser', Mack & Ann McKinnon
Sm/Lg: 'Valentine Day Var.', Buck & Tyler Mizzell
RU: 'no entry',

Best Overall Reticulata Bloom—Jim Pinkerton Trophy: 'Phyllis Hunt', Mack & Ann McKinnon

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) unprotected:

Lg/VLg: 'Mona Jury Var.', Geary & Bonnie Serpas
RU: 'Taylor's Perfection', Richard & Betty Gail Buggeln
Sm/Md: 'Punkin', Bob & Jean Williams

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) protected:
Lg/VLg: 'Cile Mitchell', Buck & Tyler Mizzell
RU: 'Charlean Var.', Richard Mims
Sm/Md: 'Julia', Buck & Tyler Mizzell

Best Miniature unprotected:

Best Miniature protected: 'Fircone', Buck & Tyler Mizzell

Best Overall Miniature Bloom - Elliott P. Brogden Memorial Tr 'Gay Baby', Darren Sheriff

Best White Bloom unprotected: 'Snowman', Mike Denson

Best White Bloom protected: 'Melissa Anne', Buck & Tyler Mizzell

Best Sasanqua / Species: 'Star Above Star', Richard Mims

Best Formal Double – protected or unprotected Dr. Herbert Racoff & Frances Shannon Racoff Memorial Trophy: 'Les Marbury Red', Ed & Lou Powers


Tray of Three, same variety (Japonicas or NRH), unprotected:
Md/VLg: 'Black Magic', Wesley & Martha Fisher
Mn/Sm: 'Shikibu', Marty & Diane Clark

Tray of Three, same or different varieties (Reticulata), unprotected 'Frank Houser', Mike Denson

Tray of Three, same variety (Japonicas or NRH), protected

Md/VLg: 'Lauren Tudor', Buck & Tyler Mizzell
Mn/Sm: 'Black Gold Var.', Mack & Ann McKinnon

Tray of Three, same or different varieties (Reticulata), protected 'Frank Houser', Mack & Ann McKinnon


C. japonica unprotected:
1 'Lauren Tudor', Miles & Brenda Beach
2 'Donckelarii', Ed & Lou Powers
3 'Ellen Daniel', Miles & Brenda Beach
4 'Paul Haskee Var.', Geary & Bonnie Serpas

C. japonica protected:
1 'Elaine's Betty', Mack & Ann McKinnon
2 'Kay Berridge', Richard Mims
3 'Junior Prom', Mack & Ann McKinnon
4 'Miss Charleston', Buck & Tyler Mizzell

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent):
1 'Linda Carol', Buck & Tyler Mizzell
2 'John Hunt', Geary & Bonnie Serpas

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent):
1 'Spring Daze', Buck & Tyler Mizzell
2 'Nicky Crisp', Geary & Bonnie Serpas

Best Seedling: 'Sarah Boo', Miles & Brenda Beach

Best Sport Mutant) Bloom: 'MM#1', Mack & Ann McKinnon

Best Novice Bloom: 'Arajishi', Brady Porth


Best Valentine Day Award: 'Valentine Day Var.', Geary & Bonnie Serpas

Best Antique Bloom—Pre 1900 protected or unprotected Bloom Donated by Pete & Donna Denton: 'Pink Perfection', Buck & Tyler Mizzell

LOCAL AWARDS - Blooms Grown in Midland South Carolina Counties

Best Local Bloom in Show—Richard and Katherine Mims Trophy 'Tomorrow Park Hill', Ralph Owings

Lg/VLg: 'Carter's Sunburst', Ralph Owings
RU: 'R.L. Wheeler', Ralph Owings
Md: 'Wildwood', Ralph Owings
RU: 'La Peppermint', Alexandra Dickerson
Sm: 'Peggy's Blush', Tom & Peggy Camp
RU: 'Grace Albritton', Tom & Peggy Camp